Review: The Cabin Resort — TheHelioPaths

As the saying goes, try and try until you succeed, that’s my mantra with online contest, may it be free tickets or 1 night hotel accommodation, I am up for that! Then I came across a new resort and they have an online contest and the winner will have a 1 night free accommodation. The […]

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Review: Jardin De Marina (Bulacan) — TheHelioPaths

Jon and I are getting married this coming December so I have been joining quite a few wedding community groups on Facebook. That’s where I came a across a beautiful balinese inspired private resort. The post was intended to promote the place as a prenup location but since there was still a few days left […]

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Tales of Aswangs and Being Cooked Alive| Antique — TheHelioPaths

*This is part 2 of The Heliopaths 3rd Anniversary Trip to Visayas* A day has passed since we headed towards the Visayas region, reaching 3 provinces already, we planned to go straight towards the famous KAWA inn at Tibiao, Antique however, being very superstitious( said he smelled the aswang’s assistant lol ), our driver decided […]

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Cliff diving and Close Encounters | Koding Koding Point, Romblon — TheHelioPaths

It was that time of the year again and this time, #teamharthart celebrated it’s 3rd year anniversary exploring the beautiful provinces of the Visayas! We waited for almost a year for this (we booked our flights last August 2016) and all of us were very excited to experience once again what the Philippines has to […]

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The Heliopaths 2nd Anniversary | Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island 🙂


Last year we celebrated The Heliopaths annivesary in Cebu where we swam with whale sharks, basked in the sun, went through a waterfall, breathed our first breath under waterlearned about historylearned about history and faced our fear of heights. This year we headed back to Visayas but this time explore the beauty of Samar, Leyte and Biliran. Lucky for us, we only paid less than PHP 150 for our base fare. Woohoo! Thank goodness for seat sales and most especially for Airasia for making it possible for us “kuripots” to travel and explore our beloved Philippines.


Seat sales were most likely to be followed by numerous delayed flights and yes our supposed 3:40 PM flight was delayed over 4 hours! Imagine the horror of waiting in the airport not knowing if our flights will be cancelled but thanks to my babies, the Transfoamers we were…

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From Midnight til’ Sun Rise | Sambawan Island

Sambawan Island 🙂


We were supposed to visit Tinago Falls before heading to Sambawan Island however, due to the bad weather and for everyone’s safety we decided to just go straight to Sambawan Island. After almost 4 hours of land travel from Palompon, we finally arrived at Naval port.

There were no passenger boat anymore so we had to go ask around and find a boat that will take us to the island. Luckily we found one that’s more than big enough to accommodate our group. It even had a videoke machine/cinema on board to keep us entertained for the long wait and boat ride. It was pretty spacious too so we were able to cook and have dinner on board. After dinner, some us stayed in the boat while others laid on the roof of the boat to stargaze. It was pretty surreal being in the middle of the ocean in complete darkness. The…

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